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Sand Blasting in Oldenburg, IN

sand blasting in Oldenburg, IN is a method of polishing metal surfaces or removing any paint, rust, scale or corrosion from such surfaces by blasting a fine abrasive medium on it. The abrasive material is blasted at a very high speed to perform this action. This material not only removes paint or corrosion from the surface but can also polishes it, giving a shiny new look.


Sand blasting is done using a sand blasting in Oldenburg, IN machine. It is available as small portable type or large stationery type as seen in factories. You can also find sand blasting in Oldenburg, IN equipment such as shot blast machines that are used specifically for hardening metals. The machine is available in various sizes hence you can select one that is suitable for your work project.

Materials used by the machine

Though sand is the main abrasive material used by the machine it is hazardous for health. Hence now other types of abrasive materials are being used such as glass beads, walnut shell grit, aluminum oxide, pumice, steel shot, corn grit and much more. The materials give excellent results in cleaning without causing problems to the workers; health. If you buy one with a fairly large capacity you do not have to keep filling the unit frequently during work.

What Can Sand Blasting Machine Do?

Some of the many activities that the machine can do are deburring, cleaning, boning, etching, decorating and much more. It is the versatile nature of the machine that has made it popular with users. The machine can be used on boats, vehicle, monument structure, welding ships, brick building and much more. Now what is used more is the portable type because they enable easy movement while working and they come in a compact form hence they do not take up much space. The heavy duty models give high performance and perform versatile actions such as removing costing, mill scale and contaminants from surface. You can input any type of dry abrasive material and get the desired results in cleaning. In addition to the regular sand blasting in Oldenburg, IN machine models seen in stores you can also ask for a custom design. Custom design sand blasting in Oldenburg, IN units will have features that cater to your specifications.

Safety features

Sand blasting is a risky job and which is why manufacturers of this machine include adequate safety features in its making. When buying a sand blasting in Oldenburg, IN machine it is important to look for one that has the best safety features. A good model has a pressure gauge that monitors internal vessel pressure; its shut-off feature is simple and can be done quickly in case of an emergency. The nozzle and tips are made from material that is tough and durable. The meter valve for abrasive metals can be easily closed for operator safety. You can also find a light hood and gloves being supplied along with it as optional protection gear. The hood or a helmet is not required if the unit comes with a built-in vacuum that recycles sand. There is an automatic shut-off feature that is triggered when the handle is dropped. The flow of abrasive material at the nozzle is sealed by a square sealing block.

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